What To Expect From DeeDee Louise

I didn't want to make it a thing but I suppose we should address the elephant in the room.... I'm really sorry I had 9 months away without even so much as a goodbye or an explanation. I don't want to dwell too much on the past year but let's just say 2018 just wasn't my year for blogging or Youtube. My mindset just wasn't in the right place and trying to add being creative to that just sent me into semi-permanent writer's block, I used the excuse of touring and not having the time keep me away from my blog for too late but now I'm fighting back!

I want my voice back.

I'm taking 2019 by the horns and I'm making it my own, blog and all!

Now, I can't always promise there will be content every other day or once a week but please know I will be working on it because as much as I don't want to use my job as an excuse anymore, it can be... let's say trying to find time when you work from 7am-11pm, 6 days a week and only have 1 day off to cram in life stuff as well as blogging but we love a tryer right?

In the last few weeks of 2018, I have been thinking about just how I wanted this space to be, what I wanted to do with it, the topics I wanted to talk about and cover and just how I can use my little corner of the internet to its full potential. I love reading blogs, I love just how different every single one is and just how each other inspires me differently so with that in mind...

What Can We Expect On deedeelouise.com

I always used think posts had to be lengthy, like a good few paragraphs or it wasn't really a post. Oh how wrong I was. Whether I write a line, 2 lines paragraphs or 10 if I enjoyed putting it together then I'm posting it!

I want to create more snapshots, not just topics

Formality isn't me... I love a DLSR but phone pictures work just as well

I know this post may seem a little slapdash and bit all over the place but I guess what I'm saying is just expect deedeelouise,com to start reflecting more of me! 


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