When Your Circle of Friends Are Just Badass!

One thing I love about my little job at the bridal store is that when it's quiet, we will always find time to sit on the seats with a cuppa and just chat. We literally talk about anything from relationships to food to putting the world to rights.

One quiet afternoon, we were sitting on the sofa chatting about our friendship circles. This got me thinking about my little circle of friends and how it is well... little but I'm really okay with that. I keep a very small friend group which over time people have come and gone and now I have a tough group of ladies whom I love dearly.

As the conversation continued, reminiscing about drunken nights out, hanging out our asses the next morning and the funny tales of that one friend who told her whole and I mean WHOLE life story to the poor guy who just wanted to buy her a drink and maybe see if he could get lucky, definitely got more than he bargained for!

Through all the giggles and eye rolls, it hit me! I have a badass circle of friends!

As I said the circle I keep is small but each and every lady I have in there have their own battle scars of great stories, girl bossing, knockbacks and to me are the definition of being a great woman! I have ladies around me who are not afraid to make their opinions known, who run their own businesses, who are mothers and raise a child whilst working all the hours in the day to support them and their one and still have time to be there for others, who are self-employed and basically just run their world like a boss and I couldn't be prouder to call them my friends.

Having such strong influences in my life makes me want to push myself like never before and I'm not going to lie to you guys but in the past, I have being that girl who wanted the world but didn't necessarily want to work for it. Not because I believed I was any better than anyone else or was born with a silver spoon - definitely not, that isn't me at all! I just thought there had to be an easier way to get what I wanted but let me tell you guys, I'll save you years of wondering... that's not the case! If you want anything in this world, you have to work your arse off and then some to get to where you want to be and then work 10x as hard to stay there once you've found success!

When I see my friends succeed and even if things don't quite work but they just dust themselves off and go again it makes me look at the world differently. I want to go to work and be the best version of myself I can be, I want to work on the blog and create content that I am passionate about and share it with you guys. I want to push my photography, I was to try different ways to edit videos, use the hours in my day more effectively and just girl boss the crap out of everything I do!

It's weird to think that a group of ladies can change and influence my life in such a way but I feel if you find the right people to have in your life then this is how you should feel! Find people you can celebrate their successes with but will also be the first to share in yours!

As I said I never used to have this mentality but it is a journey! A journey I am so glad I have taken with people were there at the time and may not be in my life anymore for whatever reason, people who have been in my life from day one and are still flying a flag for me and will always be there to the people who have just entered my life but have made such an impact that I couldn't imagine my world without them now. Our journeys aren't the same but we are having an adventure together to get to the outcome we want even if it's not the same destination.

So to my tight-knit circle, my ladies, my inspiration, my girl bosses, you may not know it but you are my support, my family, you helped me become the woman I am today and I thank you all every day that you are in my life! I value you all more than you can imagine so thank you for being bad ass and owning it! Thank you for helping me become bad ass!

Brogan, Lucy, Rachel, Alice, Josie, Nicola, Claire, Leigh, Beth, Andrea, Christy, Emma, Christine (Seymour) and Sinead I love you all dearly! From you all being you, you have helped me to be me!

Celebrate your circle guys, no matter how big or how small. If the people in it support you and love you for you then it's important to cherish it! Keep that circle strong...



  1. Girl i love the feeling of having close friends too. Friends are always awesome to hang with.

  2. I love this post! Yes girl! I can definitely relate to this, my friends inspire me so much and I also have a bunch of badass babes in my circle. It's so nice to see someone valuing their friendships and celebrating other women like this. They are certainly lucky to have a badass friend like you too! :D

    Samio x

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