The Only Resolution I'm Making This Year

So it's 2018, time to get organised and get our lives in check. I hope you all had an amazing New Year with plenty of fizz, surrounded by people you love! Mine involved copious amounts of rum, a conga line in the street and more rum.

At the beginning of each New Year, I love to make a list of resolutions that let's be honest I only ever remember one from the list of ten I've made and then that only gets done in November because I can't finish a year without doing at least one thing, can I? And then when I've done it, I feel like I'm bossing life! So this year I'm keeping it simple and focussing on just one thing - I'm saving for a house!

Yup, I'm going in big I know but I'm 26 now and my goal is to be in my own house by the time I'm 30. Houses aren't cheap so I better get started!

Having a place to call my own has always being a dream of mine, from a young age I never liked the idea of renting - it's never being something that appealed to me so I made the decision pretty quickly to just stay at home until I was good and ready to get my foot on the property ladder.
I've always felt you had to be in the right frame of mind to start saving for something so big and I'm pretty sure (aside from having a baby of course) buying a house is one of the biggest commitments you'll ever make and you definitely have to commit fully if you're going to start saving for one.

I'm only 26 and I'll be the first to admit that I've prioritised other things in my life like that pairs of Gucci slingbacks or that girls trip or that cheeky two weeks in the sun but you know what? I have zero regrets about doing it this way round. I worked hard for the money I'd earned and yes I've made mistakes with my finances that I wish I didn't but I've learnt and know I won't do those things again.
I can say I have enjoyed my money and I've lived but I know for me, I'm ready to cut back and put my money into my forever and not just the right now.

If you've seen this post then you will be fully aware what I'm like when it comes to handling to finances - *spoiler alert* I suck but you will know I'm trying my hardest to keep myself on the straight and narrow and get myself on track to a healthy bank balance.

Although 2018 is literally house goals for me I do need to be real, this is me we're talking about and if I'm too harsh on my myself I will fall off the bandwagon and trust me I'll fall hard so even though I'm save, save, save I do need to keep a little aside for those "treat yo self" days. I've opened a separate bank account where I will give myself a monthly allowance to have guilt-free spending and give myself those little treats we all need to function and I know I'm not alone in that too, we all do it. However, when my allowance for the month is gone, it's gone! Nothing else to go in until that time of the month to top it up again!

Why a separate account? I'm thinking to be organised and have an account for everything so I can keep track of all my spends and I know exactly where my pennies are going but that way I don't overspend in my bills account for example and then can't pay my phone bill! How will I post my Instagrams then? Millennial girl problems times 1000 or what!

I'll test out this multi accounts thing and report back if it's successful or if it's a waste of time

I know a house isn't going to come overnight - unless I win the lottery (I better start playing) but I'm excited to get started and see my pennies mount up! Mount up who am I kidding? But you know what I mean. I have spreadsheets come out of my ears and I'm literally counting down the hours until I can input my first piece of data into it! Literally living that spreadsheet life now! 

What are your resolutions this year? Are you making any?



  1. I have a separate savings account as well and honestly it's the best thing I've ever done, it's a great way to stop yourself spending money you want to put aside for big purchases on new shoes or makeup. With mine I always know that I'll have enough money to pay my tax return every year, because I keep it in my savings and don't touch it. Best of luck x


    1. I've started putting everything into practice at the start of the year and I'm loving it so far! It's so nice to have everything organised and know exactly where everything is going. I don't know I survived so many years without something like this x

  2. I got you. House price keep going up and up :( My resolutions this year are travelling more and growing my blog. Good luck with your resolution, sweetie xxx


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