Why I'm Looking Forward To 2018

At the time of writing this, there are 12 days until Christmas and 19 days until 1st January 2018! Where the hell has the time gone? It only feels like yesterday that I finished an 18 months tour with Billy Elliot, turned 26 and drank a little too much rum at Leeds Carnival (I have zero regrets about the last one).

This year has been full of it's ups and downs. There have been times I wanted to quit, where I've laughed uncontrollably - you know the kinda laugh where it hurts but you can't stop! That! Made new friendships that I will have in my life forever and discovered that I am one tough little cookie when I want to be.

2017 has been quite a good year for me but as sit here on a countdown until all things Christmas - December 1st, that Christmas tree went straight up! and I have less than 2 days until my butt is in duty-free on the way to Cuba! I'm going tropical with my festivities this year! I can't help but think how much I'm looking forward to shouting "Happy New Year" over the chimes of Big Ben and here's why:

  • New Start - Now I know, a new year doesn't have to mean a new year, you can have a new start about any time of the year but there's just something about hitting that reset button on the 1st of the year that's just satisfying to me. There are things in the pipeline that I've got set up which I can't tell you about just yet - yup, I'm one of those people, soz but just know I'm super excited about it and I can't wait to get started. Just know this is me finally getting my life together. I mean I have no choice, gonna be in my dream house by 28! No pressure then.

  • This year has been all about making memories. I even went old school and printed images for my scrapbook which has been my pride and joy this past year. Sometimes I just get it out and have a flick through - I live a thrilling life and I can't wait to continue with this in the new year, so many cool things to document! Although I can't for the new, it's also important for me to remember all the good (and bad) of this year. I did a lot of growing up and I don't wanna lose that.

  • Another Year Wiser - I know birthdays are normally when you heard "you're another year older and wiser" but why can't the same be said for the next year? Technically you are a whole year older and we've discovered a heck of a lot in that time! I mean, if I was the same person I was in 2015, I'd be pretty upset. I know physically I have gotten older as the number at the end of 2 is getting scarily close to the BIG 3 0 but it's not my age then makes me any wiser, it's the time in between. Taking risks, having experiences, having that 'oh fuck, why did I do that' moments are all what has made me who I am not my age and I for one can't wait to use this year's teachings to strengthen the woman I want to become next year. 

  • This one is more of a reminder and the fact I've put it in a post for you all to see means I gonna get it done - but note to self, dear future 2018 Dionne, GET YOUR FINANCES TOGETHER! This is your main priority for the year to get it together and keep yourself in check! Those Gucci's can wait girl!

I used to be one of those people that hated change and always wanted to know what was coming next but now, I can't wait to see what twists and turns are going to come my way. I'm all strapped in and ready for the ride. 

Come on 2018, let's have ya!


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