Me vs. Money - The Never-Ending Battle

I am terrible with money.

I'm a 26 with 3 credit cards (two are fully paid off and I don't actually touch them, I just have them there for extreme emergencies), a student loan, bank loan and an overdraft - wow, that's a lot when it's written down! To be fair this is my current situation, believe it or not, it actually used to be worst... I happily manage the above.

The total amount I managed to save in my ISA has now been moved into my current account to cover my bills and Christmas! At this point, not ever tumbleweeds can be bothered rolling out of my purse anymore.
I don't want you guys to be sat at your screens thinking "how the fuck is she even managing daily life?" This post isn't a cry for help because money likes to burn a hole in my pocket and that I have the willpower of a nat, it's actually more of a "Dionne, it's time to lay out on the table and actually get your shit together!" post.

I fact I actually manage my bills really well and make sure everything is paid off on time so don't worry you'll never see me on Can't Pay? We'll Take Away - has anyone seen that programme? It's brutal man! 

Money is something I've wanted to talk about for a long time but the Britishness in me always put me off but sod it, let's do this:

Me vs Money has always been a never-ending battle and now with a new dawn (or New Year) approaching I want to look at my Natwest account and the money in there is actually mine without the minus in forward and not:

I want to dedicate a day to researching ISA's, help to buy's, savings accounts with an actual decent interest rate. 
I want to be that person who has 3 different accounts for different savings. I want to be that person who actually has their shit together - well, my financial shit anyway. 
If I had to tell you where the hell my money actually went apart from bills, I genuinely have no clue! I'm not a massive shopper, I'm a hermit so my weekends are spent watching Youtube and wishing I led an exciting life - sad but true. I guess if I had to really sit down and think I would categorize myself into the "little and often" family meaning I spent little (or so I like to think) but very often and it all adds up!
I'm not going to lie to you guys, there have been times I've had a little cry about it but I got advice and now I'm on the right track to actually keeping my pennies for a rainy day and not just the ASOS sale. 
There are times I wished I never got myself into this but you know, everything is a learning curve and I've learnt so much about credit, money, banks etc that I won't have known before and my credit score is kick ass which is a major plus! Roll on mortgage appointments when I'm ready!
So, what am I going to do to keep track of my pennies?
  • Writing it down digitally and physically - I know, I know, I'm creating extra work for myself by writing everything down twice but it's a method that I've tried and tested over the past couple of months with my bullet journal and iCal and it works wonders for me.I just like having my information down in more ways than one plus I have no excuses to forget anything.

  • Straight to savings - Setting up a direct debit to just automatically transfer funds between accounts is probably the easiest way to save, save, SAVE! It's the easiest but not something I've done yet. I'm working on it, give me some time. 

  • Queen of a spreadsheet - I can't take the credit for this one, I saw this one on Lizzieloves snapchat and knew I needed to implement it into my life. Ladies, spreadsheets are the way forward! I have one for my monthly income, one for my monthly outgoings and weekly spends too just so I can keep track fully of everything. No more "accidental spending"

These are the main three things I'm doing to track my spending and keep it in check. I'll keep you posted on how it goes but I just wanted to say, no matter how bad you are with money or finances it's never too late to turn it around if you want to. 


  1. Loving the commitment to turn the situation around! You'll be fine. With a little discipline saving becomes easier :)
    Love your writing style hey!


    1. It's definitely something I want to become more disciplined with, just got to say no more


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