What Three Months Of Weekly Vlogging Has Taught Me

Vlogs are my favourite videos to watch on Youtube at the moment. Don't get me wrong I love seeing what people have bought, the latest makeup launch and hair routines but I feel like you get to know the person behind the videos if they vlog.

Vlogging shows a person's personality, what they like or dislike for that matter and what they get up to behind the studio lights and touch ups of a main channel video. They are chatty and share the small things like what food they buy their cat or even what they're having for breakfast!

I've been on and off Youtube for the past 4 years and tried my hand of vlogging and failed at it many times over but now after by away from Youtube after so long, I decided to give weekly vlogging another go and after 12 weeks of talking to the camera on a daily basis, I can say I'm loving every second of it! I thought I'd share with you what vlogging has taught me over the past 3 months...

People Like Everyday Life

I lead the most boring everyday life. I get up, I go to work, I blog and edit videos and photos in my spare time as a hobby for my blog and channel and people love to watch it. I'm a not a vlogger that goes on press trips or weekly trips to London for meetings, I'm just a normal girl and people still watch them. It really amazes me that people watch me wash the dishes and tell me that they still love my vlogs and continue to watch every week. Having people tell you that you're not boring and they like watching really makes me what to carry on.

It's Not A Numbers Game Anymore

When I used to create just main channel videos I was constantly looking at the number of views and subscribers I would gain (or lost) with each upload. I found myself comparing myself to other Youtubers, always questioning why my videos where not performing as well or not getting as many views. I would get really disheartened and I would find I didn't want to post videos or I just posting for the heck of it and not because I really wanted to. Doing these vlogs, because they are so personal to me I don't mind if they get 1 view or 2,000 views a week, the numbers are no longer important to me anymore.

My Little Video Diary

I'll let you in on a little secret of mine, I am terrible at writing things down in diaries or journals! I have have had countless diaries to write my thoughts, feelings and daily adventures in but I've never stuck to it. Filming my life, I can look back on any week and relive the highs and lows of that week. The vlogs allow me to see just how far I've come over time when I think I'm being stagnant in life. They allow me to see what I've achieved personally and revisit places I've been. It's these moments that make me continue to pick up the camera.

The Camera Is My Right Hand Man

Since I purchased my little vlogging camera, it has come everywhere with me. I find myself picking handbags so my camera can fit and if it doesn't I'm leaving other items behind because my camera is so important to me! I never leave the house without it, I've always got it for those just in case moments in life that will only happen once.

Vlogging is a part of my life now and I really look forward to every new day to pick up the camera and just chat.

Do you like vlogs? Who are your favourite vloggers at the moment?


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