5 Things This Week

Another new week already? Where is the time going?

Before we get into this post, I want to apologise for the fact it's a day late - internet issues!
But at least I managed to get it up today and that's all that matters so these are my 5 things for this week!

On Wednesdays, We Blog

Oh my gosh, Wednesday was such an amazing day, I managed to get so much work done in terms of my blog and Youtube. I managed to edit and upload two videos, take photos and edit them, create some new post ideas and write two full blog posts! I don't think I've ever had such a hard working day for my social media! I was amazing! I would love to start having at least one day a week where it's just me and laptop to get stuff done! I may need to start pencilling it in my diary.

I Survived The Dentist

That's not a sentence I could say over the past couple of years as my last two visits resulted in me having to have a filling - sigh so you can imagine just how down I was making an appointment this time.
*sidenote* I'm not bothered by the dentist, I don't mind going but I was convinced my dentist hated me!
This time, I was all ready for her to tell me I needed another filling so you can imagine my surprise when she said all was fine and could come back in 6 months!

Light Night

Thursday evening, I got dressed up and took part in Light Night. If you're not from Leeds or even from Leeds but never heard of it, Light Night is a lights festival that takes over the city centre for two nights a year. They have stalls, installations, music, art etc. I was part of the parade that opened this year's Light Night with the Leeds West Indian Carnival.

A Drive To Newmarket

On Saturday, I drove down to Newmarket to see one of my uni friends, Becky whom I've not seen in like 3 years. Believe me, we don't even understand how it's been that long either! I only stayed for the night but it was just nice to catch up, watch TV and have the most amazing Sunday lunch at a little pub in a village near to her. This weekend definitely made me think I need to make more time to see my friends as 3 years is a long time!

X-Factor & Strictly

Christmas is officially around the corner when Strictly and X-Factor are on my screen. This year I'm hooked! I think it's because I missed it all last year that all I want is Saturday night cheesy TV. Do any of you still watch them? I can't decide on which couple I want to win Strictly this year but I'm always on Anton's side (please tell me there are other secret Anton lovers too). With X- Factor, let's wait and see but I'm loving 6 chair challenge! Do you think Sharon made the right decision with her girls?


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