5 Things This Week

Hi guys, happy Monday!

That's right, I'm posting on a Monday! Who even am I nowadays?

The other week I was watching my friend, Brogan's instagram live whilst putting together some Ikea underbed storage.

I know I'm so rock and roll!

The conversation was mainly around her upcoming Disney trip with Charlotte, weekly vlogs and just general life when one of her viewers asked how she stayed so motivated and happy during the week. I put down the screwdriver for this one as I wanted to know the answer too but if you know Brogan, you know she's a very driven, motivated young woman and she does inspire me to do my best when it comes to blogging and Youtube.

Brogan started talking about an app called HappyFeed, where you write three things for that day that have made it good, whether they are big or small to help you appreciate the little things that happen in our day that normally we would take for granted.

I instantly downloaded it and have been using for just over a week now and there I bring it to my blog and share 5 things that have really made my week, whether they are big or small!

So thank you Brogan, you have inspired a new segment on my blog - told you she's always inspiring me.

001: My gorgeous momma turned 60th on Wednesday! I know, she doesn't look it! We had a lovely chilled day and spent it in Harrogate doing a little shopping and had a lovely hand massage from Jo Malone. We then spent the evening at Zizzi with our nearest and dearest over pasta and wine! What better way to spend a birthday than with food? *Sidenote* - the seafood linguine is so good!

002: Last week I finally, finally, FIN...A...LLY (if you follow jesshilarious on instagram, you will get that reference) sorted out my summer wardrobe and went shopping for my autumn/winter clothes! I did film it as a little come shopping with me which will be up on my channel this week.

003: If you haven't been watching Dr Foster then I'm not sure we can be friends! The penultimate episode was so good! If you know, then you know I just can't wait to see how it's going to end on Tuesday!

004: Last week has been all work, work, work for me so I've been trying to fit in blogging, photo taking and filming in my spare time which means I've had to give up on a few lie ins but it was definitely worth it as I felt so motivated and ready for the day afterwards! Plus I'd just ordered some new studio lights and I was pretty excited to use them.

005: The other week I went down to London with my mum for a little spontaneous trip and before our train arrived, we popped into WHSmith to have a browse and I came away with a book. Now that's something that never happens - a bag of Haribos and a twirl, yes but a book.... nope. Anyway I picked up My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella and last week I finally pick it up to read and I'm actually really enjoying it. It's easy to read and I'm enjoying get ready for bed with a book rather than my iPhone.

You know what, I really enjoyed sharing my 5 things with you guys. Tell me one thing you've loved from your week whether it be big or small.

Same time, same place next Monday for my next 5 things?


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