What I Want To Achieve In My Life

There are so many things in life that I would love to do or start thinking about doing as I get older. I sort of have a visual mood board going of places I would like to visit, the big house in the country I would love to own alongside the car I would have, pride of place on my gravel driveway. All things that I want to achieve but sometimes just seem so big they're like a dream.

I recently came across Rhianna's blog and read a post she did way back in August of what she would like to achieve in her lifetime which got me thinking. She spoke about having achievements that aren't too pressured, that will give you bursts of happiness when you can finally tick them off your list. 

Reading Rhianna's post has inspired me to create my own little list of what I would like to achieve in my lifetime. They're nothing groundbreaking or massive in any way. I suppose they're just normal to me.

1. Be My Own Boss

It's always been in my mind to start my own business and become my own boss. I'm not too sure of what yet exactly but the thought has always been there. I really just like the idea that I'm in control of my working hours and that I'd be doing something that I love. One day it will happen.

2. Apprendre à parler français: Learn To Speak French

I really hope that is what the title transfers to (here's looking at you Google Translate). French is such a beautiful language, I mean it's the language of love for goodness sake! How can a language get any more alluring than that! I've always been quite fascinated by it and was actually pretty good at it in school, I really regret not doing it for my GCSEs (it's a long story to why I didn't, I may tell you another day). If my brain will let me I would love to pick it up again and who knows it may even make my dulcet Yorkshire tones sound that little more appealing.

3. Find Someone For Me ❤

Do get me wrong, I am more than happy living the single life but one day I would love to have found someone for me. Someone to go out to dinner with, someone to go on walks with, just someone to be there and cuddle with. This mystery guy could pop up next week, next month or maybe in the next 10 years but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

4. Own My Own Home 🏡

Even since I was a little girl I've always said I would love to own my home. Not just renting I mean I've saved up the deposit, the house is my name kinda ownership. For me, personally, I can't think of a better sense of achievement than having my own home! I know the day will come soon and until then I can't wait! I'm so excited to actually one day have somewhere that is mine.

5. Live Minimal

I suppose I'm already making steps towards this one but I really want to start living with less and truly cherishing my possessions. Since I've been on my current job, living out of a suitcase it has really taught me a lot about just how much I actually really need in my life and what I own just because. I've found some wonderful tips and advice on just how to achieve this new lifestyle and it's definitely one I would love to carry forward on my blog.

6. Have A Child

I'm going to honest with you guys, I've never really been the mumsy type. Don't get me wrong I love children but I've never really seen myself as a mother per say. However, I would love to have at least one child in my lifetime to pass on my experiences and love. 

7. See The Northern Lights

Now if you know me, you will know that I hate the cold and hate being cold but I'm willing to make an exception to see the Northern Lights. There is just something so beautiful and enchanting about them that I'm willing to put on a pair of snow boots just to see them. 

8. Own Chanel

Materialistic I know but hey I'm being honest. I've always wanted to own a least one designer handbag in my life and I've finally come to the decision that that piece has to be Chanel. It's just so timeless and classic that even if I had 20 years from now I would still be able to work it. If I'm going to invest in may as well be in a classic right?

These are a few things I would love to achieve in my lifetime.
What would you like to achieve?

Dionne x


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