Ways That Actually Help Me Stop Procrastinating

Hands up, I'm a serial procrastinator.

There I've said it.

I can spend more of my day just staring into space, napping, browsing through ASOS, scroll through Instagram at least 50 times in an hour,  pretty much-doing anything and everything except for what I'm actually meant to be doing.

The struggle is so real every day when I have to sit down and actually motivate myself to start the to do list that's as long as my hand or to even blog. 

Now I know we've all been there, sometimes it's just a hard feeling to shake. It's easier to not do anything than to work up the energy to get out of it. If you're like me then you'll completely understand where I am coming from. 

At the grand old age of 25 (26 in .... days! Eek!) I have finally worked out how to stop my fingers from scrolling and actually get them to do some typing.

Flight mode is your best friend...

Now I'm as shocked as you guys are. How have I only just discovered I can put my phone on to flight mode to concentrate on work and not just for flights? I'm a slow learner... 
Seriously though, if your phone is in flight mode, no emails, notifications, phone calls etc can disturb you. It's pure bliss and it's actually quite nice to have your phone going off every two minutes.

Close those tabs... 

I'm a visual person so if I can see something that can take my attention then I'm all over it. So how do I stop myself from scrolling endlessly through the internet? I just ctrl, alt and close that tab! If it's not relevant to me at the time then it doesn't exist until I have a break and then I'm free to scroll until my heart's content. 

What's on your playlist?

This may sound like a bit of a weird one but when I'm in the mood to play music whilst I work, I just go on to Spotify and play a random playlist. Normally something office related or whatever takes my fancy. Why random you ask? Well... I don't know if it's just me but when I play familiar music I start to tap along, tapping soon becomes singing and singing soon becomes me searching through Spotify for the next Beyonce album, spending all my time choosing between Single Ladies or Crazy in Love! When the songs are unfamiliar to me, I can just listen and continue working, no problem.

Have you had your breakfast?

Now, I'm a foodie but breakfast has never really been my favourite meal of the day. I can't lie, I do tend to skip it normally. However, when I don't have breakfast and I try and work I do notice by 10am I'm looking for something to eat, I'm not concentrating and I fidget because I'm hungry. If you want to be productive with your day, make sure you feed your body at breakfast, lunch and dinner time so then you have no reason to leave your laptop. Heck, I even have a little pot of fruit on my desk daily just in case I get peckish.

There you go, my four little tips that have helped me for when the procrastination is real! 
What do you guys do when work mode just isn't kicking in?

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