Get In My Wardrobe - 5 Items I'm Lusting Over

I love fashion as much as the next person. I'm constantly online window shopping and blog stalking pieces I would love to add into my wardrobe but until payday rolls around I just can't justify any new purchase. I want to share items that are playing on mind and that may (if they haven't sold out before the dollar dollar bill hits my account) end up in my collection. I've seen this style of video going round Youtube recently and I really wanted to give it a spin in a blog post.


I've got a real thing for designer footwear at the moment. After purchasing my Gucci Slingbacks (which FYI are the comfiest shoes to have ever graced my feet - definitely will be doing a post on them) I'm just finding it difficult to look at high street footwear in the same way. 

One day I would love to replace all the shoes in my wardrobe to their designer counterpart - Oh a girl can dream eh?
To get me started on my quest to the dream shoeobe, I've got my eye on two pairs one from Saint Laurent and the other Jimmy Choo. 
I first spotted the Saint Laurent trainers on Emma and they've been on my wishlist ever since. Now I know there are plenty of cheaper all white trainers out there but I want to invest in something classic and timeless that I can have in my wardrobe for seasons to come.
Speaking of classic, the Jimmy Choo Romys are high on my "to buy" list. They are just so effortless, they have to be in my wardrobe. I'm not a huge heel wearer but when I do wear them, they have to be comfortable and a suitable heels and the 85mm are just perfect for me. Before I purchase these I think I'll have to pay a visit to Bicester Village as they have a Jimmy Choo outlet so fingers crossed I can find the Romys at a cheaper price.


One thing I'm seriously lacking are "suitable for daytime but not t-shirts" tops. You know, the lovely little shirt that I can pull off during the day without looking like I've just come back from the club. Yeah, those tops and personally I think & Other Stories are just killing it at the moment. 
I've had some serious scroll time on their website and they are a fair few items that I will be purchasing come payday - including this topit's great for those days when i want to make an effort without making an effort - if  that makes sense.

Topshop are also high on my list at the moment. They are coming out with pieces that one is going crazy over so of which I missed (don't, I'm sad that I missed the polka dot blouse) but I'm determined to nab these two beauties. 
I first saw the dress on Claire's instagram (she also has a blog called the style companion) and thought it was GORGEOUS! In all honesty, it was giving me huge birthday vibes - this may have to be a pre payday purchase as it's my birthday on the 18th!!! Eek!!!
I don't know if it was the way she styled it but it just looked amazing on and I know that's how I want to find on my birthday.

Autumn is around the corner (yes I know August just started but we're not having summer weather are we?) and I love nothing more than oversized cardigans. They are my thing, I just love them and just love how granny chic they make an outfit look. I saw a gorgeous one on Sophie - (this one) but it's all sold out online however may still be available in the Oxford street store and if I find it, it may have to come home with me. However if I can't find it then this black one is equally as beautiful.

Those are my top 5 picks of the moment. I think I'll do another one of these posts closer to Autumn.

What's on your fashion wishlist? Anything I need to have in my life?

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