26 Things I've Learnt in 26 years

I can't believe that tomorrow I'm in my last year of my mid-twenties! I turn 26 and I'm not quite sure just how I feel about it. All I know is I just can't wait to spend the day with nearest and dearest.

(I'm going to let you in on a little secret) I'm writing this in the future so I don't know what I have planned for the day but I can imagine the day will consist of balloons, a girly shopping trip with momma and a meal with the fam a lam. 

I'm really excited for this birthday EEKK! as it's the first one I've had at home in the past couple of years and it will be nice to spend it around all my home comforts! Anyway, I'm getting distracted from the actual post which is 26 Things I've Learnt in 26 Years.

So... Let's do this:

1. Ignore everything you said, WIGS ARE LIFE!

2. Always listen to your instincts! Remeber the interview from hell!!!

3. No matter how tough you act, deep down you just want a hug

4. Two glasses of wine WILL make you tipsy

5. It's okay to cry, everyone does it

6. Although it was probably one of the hardest things you've ever done, Billy Elliot was one of the best things you've ever done in your life

7. You can always justify a purchase no matter the price

8. Passing your driving test is still one of the best things you've even done! SO. MUCH. FREEDOM

9. At 26, you have finally learnt that paper diaries/ to do lists etc are not for you! iCal all the way baby!

10. It's okay to constantly take photos of your cat because she's just so damn cute

11. Tinder or any form of internet dating for that matter just isn't you and that's okay. You tried it but it's just a no go.

12. It's taken the longest time but you have finally accepted being a curly girl, you just need to get rid of the heat damage but after that you're golden

13. Instastories are the way forward!

14. You are finally getting to a place where you don't care what people think, post a video of you chatting on Instastories, tell people that you create weekly vlogs and that you enjoy it! Life is far too short to be worrying about what people have to say about you.

15. The Gucci Princetown slingbacks are the comfiest shoes. PERIOD.

16. You never go to the gym but it's okay you've accepted it and moved on.

17. Treat people how you would like to be treated

18. Money isn't what's important, it's your happiness

19. Everything takes time, you need to be patient

20. 90's/ early 00's R'n'B is still the best genre of music - it's all about Mary J Blige, Boyz II Men etc

21. Saving money is hard but so so worth it! Keep going

22. Change isn't always scary, give it a go, you may like it

23. Cosy nights in with a bath and my laptop are the one, you're not an out out kinda girl

24. Invest in your wardrobe, you want your stuff to last you 10 years not 10 minutes...

25. True friendship is hard to come by, cherish the friends you have

26. I will continue to learn as every day is something new 

Well, there you go, 26 things I've learnt in 26 years, a right mix bag but I'm still learning and that's okay.

What's one thing you've learnt this year so far?


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