DIY Marble Desk

So.... This post just kinda happened. I had no intention of doing a DIY nor did I even intent on getting this desk in the first place but you know what? I'm actually glad I did. Let me tell you how I ended up here.

After decluttering my room, I decided my old desk just wasn't what I wanted anymore. I'd outgrown it and it had served it's purpose. Plus the drawer had broken so it definitely wasn't functional anymore. I knew I wanted to go for something smaller to fit my laptop and my makeup mirror really. Just having a small desk would help to keep my clutter down as I would have nowhere to stash any mess (or that's my theory anyway).

I decided I wanted to get the IKEA Vittsjo in white and I'd set my heart on it.
Let's fast forward a couple of weeks, I'd taken down my old desk and headed off to IKEA with my friend Nicola. Now I went to IKEA the week before and they had the Vittsjo in stock so when I went back with Nicola I was shocked to see they were out of stock and would be until March! March?! 
I've never had anything out of stock at my local IKEA ever and to be honest I wasn't quite sure how to take it *insert GIF of uncontrollably crying here and comfort eating all of the meatballs here* I'm sorry to say but I stropped so hard - I apologise Nicola for you seeing me like this. After leaving IKEA, check out about four other home furnishing stores and I heading back to IKEA for the second time in the same day to see if they had another desk I could get, I came across the Fjallbo which to be honest is exactly the same as the Vittsjo with a grid on one side, two wheels and £15 more expensive. I was a little reluctant at first because it only comes in black and brown but I needed a desk and hence this DIY was born.

I'm not really going to do a step by step on how I did this because lets be honest I'm not a DIY queen nor do I actually know what I'm talking about. Plus there are so many videos on Youtube that can explain how its done a lot better. I just wanted to share how I did it and maybe give you some inspiration if you were looking for a new desk and wanted something a little different.

One thing I will say is if you do this with the same desk as me then you will need two cans of surface primers and two cans of the spray paint itself. There are only six pieces in the box to spray but they take up a lot of paint.

And make sure you have either an old box or cloth or newspaper down when you spray paint to protect your driveway. I did cover my space but still some paint go on the brick work.

Sorry mum.....

After two days, four cans of spray paints, what I think was repetitive strain in my right arm and having a massive strop because on the legs wouldn't find (nothing a hammer couldn't fix) I was done! I love it! I love it more than I think I would if I'd had bought the other desk because I put so much time and effort into it. 

It's the perfect desk for my needs at the moment and although it may be a little rough around the edges, I made it and it adds a little edge to my room.

Dionne x


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