Why I Love That I'm Not in Love

February is upon us. The month of pancakes and the chubby little baby of love, Valentines Day. I for one have never really been Valentines Day's biggest fan, even when I was last in a relationship (many, many moons ago) I didn't really jump on the whole flowers, cards and chocolate bandwagon.
Don't get me wrong, I do believe that love should be celebrated but I personally feel that Valentines Day is just an overpriced commercial day created by big companies to make the other 364 days in a year feel well.... pretty crappy.

This year I will be spending my Valentines Day as a single pringle and you know what I'm really happy. Now I'm not saying that I want to be single for the rest of my life and I'm pretty prepared to become a crazy cat lady but as of right now I love that I'm not in love.

Ever since I was a little girl, my grandma would drum into me that I should find someone who was kind, lovely, committed with good skin, teeth and hair - she was deadly serious too haha but most importantly before any of that I had to make sure I loved myself before finding someone to love me. I never really understood what she meant at the time but now I'm older and so what wiser, I can see her point. Self love is one of hardest but more rewarding thing to do for yourself I feel. Sometimes it is easier for me as a person to focus on the negative and what is going wrong in my love that to focus on the good.
In the past, I have cried in my pillow and just moped around, dwelling on why I wasn't good enough or why I did what I did or why I wasn't more confident in that situation. It's only been over the past couple of years that I've stopped wallowing and started to learn to love myself.

Loving yourself can be difficult but it's so important. These are so steps I learnt about myself that I can take into any future relationship I choose.

I'M NOT BIG ON PDA (public display of affection) 
Never have been and will probably never will be. Now I like holding hands, the odd hug and maybe a little kiss but anything further than that in public and I'm out. I just don't feel very comfort and pretty such the people around don't comfort either.

I love nothing more than running a bath, applying a face mask, eating all the Cadburys Caramel Nibbles to myself or just reading a good book. I love the together time couples have in relationships but I feel its equally as important for couples to have time apart and just focus on themselves. Call it selfish but it's the truth.

Years ago I never would have thought of myself as a cuddly person but over the past year or so I just can't get enough. When I'm feeling upset, if I'm happy or if I just ask for one. I love a good hug!

Don't get me wrong, I love a fancy meal and to wined and dined like the next girl but it's not the be all and end all for me. I much rather a picnic in the park or just a takeaway on the sofa whilst watching crappy TV. To me the simple things speak volumes.

I like a treat every now and again but most of the time I will pay half if not the full bill. That's just me.

There are so many others but I won't bore you with every single one. At the moment I love not being in love. I've never been in love and I'm not looking for it either. I like not being in a relationship, I like just being me.

How do you feel about being in love or not being in love?

Dionne x

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