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The other day, whilst strolling through my Bloglovin I came across a post from the lovely Sophie Rose. She had come up with a little self-care checklist to help get her through the New Year. 
I have a new found love for Sophie and love everything she puts out on her blog so when I saw her post I know I just had to create my own version.

January is normally quite a moody month for me, I always have a really happy and festive last two weeks in December so I'm ready and pumped for the New Year ahead but as soon as it's January 1st, I'm crying silently into my pillow about how rubbish my year is going to be. This year how it's changed. I've entered 2017 with a positive energy and a can-do attitude and feel like I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. If you've seen my "What I've Learnt About Myself in 2016" post then you will know working on me was on my list of things I would like to start working on this year. I want to start doing things that make me smile, cheer me up, make me laugh or just chill the hell out and know there is nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence every now and again - here's looking at you chocolate cake...

1. Having a long, hot bath preferably with a glass of rose
2. Have my eyebrows waxed
3. Get out in the fresh air and just go for a walk
4. Grab my camera and snap my city
5. Burn all the candles I want
6. Treat myself to something really nice every now and again
7. Watch all the Youtube videos I want
8. Take time out and have that manicure
9. Snuggle up on the sofa and read a book
10. Go on long car journeys
11. Reading all my favourite blogs
12. Get that weave girl
13. Discover somewhere new
14. Catch up with my family and friends


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