Ladies You Should Follow in 2017

This year I want to start commenting more on blogs and youtube but also start showing my appreciation and support for Bloggers and YouTubers that I have loved over the past year or every past couple of weeks. I thought I'd kick start the year with a little love for other bloggers/vloggers that keep me inspired and sane.


SOPHIE ROSIE  - This lady's blog is on fire! Her lifestyle and inspiration posts are everything! Every time I go to read her blog it's like catching up with an old friend. I've only been reading her blog for the past few months but I would highly recommend her if you love your lifestyle posts. You won't be disappointed.

EM TALKS - I came across Em from Victoria of inthefrow, she's mainly a health and fitness blogger but I really do enjoy when she posts about lifestyle. I'm not the biggest fan of fitness but there is just something about the way Em talks about it, it makes me want to get up and go. She's really inspirational and also a fellow Yorkshire lass.

HOLLY LOVES THE SIMPLE THINGS - I've recently started getting into Holly's posts more over the past few months. She's really down to earth and writes from the heart. I really enjoy her fashion posts and I personally think there is so much more to come with Holly.


LIZZY HADFIELD - I spoke about Lizzy last year here and my love for her is going strong! Her blog is amazing and I read her new posts everyday but her Youtube for me is just so refreshing! Her 'Testing Basics' series is just want Youtube needs and I have to admit, Lizzy has been responsible for quite a few of my purchases lately. If you watch her testing basics, then you'll know why! I can't wait to see what 2017 bring for her but I'm glued to my laptop.

LYDIA ELISE MILLEN - Where do I start with Lydia? She is the one who has grown my love for luxury and life. Her vlogs are so lovely, she's like a big sister when she speaks and is just so down to earth and loveable and her cat Lumi is just the cutest! I've really loved watching Lydia last year, from her hauls to her vlogs and I will continue to support her. She's amazing and deserves so many more subscribers.

JADE VANRIEL - Now, I came across Jade less than a month ago and I'm completely hooked on her channel. I think I came across her from searching homeware haul on Youtube and haven't looked back since. She's become such an inspirational to me in terms of house buying and working hard for what I want. She's the one who has sparked the fire in me to fight for 2017 to be the year I work towards my goals and ambitions. I can't wait to follow Jade's journey further and her subscriber count definitely needs to increase. If you haven't seen Jade's videos then 100% I would check them out! You'll thank me later.

BROGANTATEXO - Brogan is one of my oldest friend that I have made through Youtube and blogging and now she's so much more than that. She is one of my many inspirations in life and I am so proud of everything she has achieved. Her weekly vlogs are amazing, they are 100% her and she puts her heart and soul into them every week. I'm so glad that I can call Brogan a friend and will continue to support her in whatever she does.

I AM CHOUQUETTE - Again, a recent discovery but I love her. She's really funny and her videos are great. Claire is again another person I look at when it comes to luxury. I trust everything she says and her walk in wardrobe is what dreams are made of! You have to subscribe just for that.

These ladies are just bossing it for me at the moment.
Are there any others that I've missed that I need to check out?



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