From The Archives: Postcards From Tenerife

I'd be lying to you if I said I posted to do this as an archive post but in all honesty I came across this post the other day in my drafts and thought it would be a shame to waste. So there we go, here's one I made earlier.

As much as love that it's starting to get colder, I can drink chai tea lattes until its coming out of my ears and that Christmas is literally just around the corner now, there is something about this little slice of summer that I'm holding on to.

I've been very fortunate to have travelled to quite a few countries in my life and every time I board a plane I get a feeling of excitement, especially if it's somewhere new and Tenerife was a new adventure for me. Granted I'm not the most adventurous person on holiday but I do like the discovery. 

There was something really special about this holiday, I think it was the fact I'd been working a lot before this trip and that I hadn't seen my mum for weeks before we left which made it even more special. A week in the sun. just relaxing with my mum is the best feeling ever! 

Have you been to Tenerife?


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