Hello Me...

You know it's true what they say, you do learn something new everyday. Whether it be a fun fact about something completely random, that the earth is round or if something about yourself, learning never gets old.

It was only yesterday whilst I sat watching The Chase (I am 25, I promise) that it feeling hit me... I am finally comfortable with who I am, I finally know what I want in my life and in my blogging life and where I wanted to take this blog, why did I start this blog in the first place and what it means to me. 
If you followed my Youtube and this blog, you will know that I work away from home and I have no time to breath let alone think of blog post ideas and I'd be lying to you guys as well as myself if I said I didn't miss my little corner of the internet. With me spending more time reading blogs rather than writing these days I have to admit I was feeling the pressure to be perfect when I did decide to start posting again.
I'm holding my hands up here and saying I'm completely guilty of comparing myself to other blogs and bloggers style which made me feel small. There were times that I wanted to delete my blog. Then as I said the penny finally dropped! Don't get me wrong I love a blurry background like the next person but I didn't want that to define me or the content I chose to put out.

So back to my thought of yesterday, I've decided I want to keep blogging, I can't post frequently but I will post when I can and when it feels right to me. I'm not going to worry if I've not got the blurry background or the sharpest image or if my writing style isn't always great because trust me my grammar is shocking at times. I want my blog to focus on the fun times I have with friends and family, the travel diaries of any holidays I take or even the delicious pancakes I just have to share with you. 

I'm learning to say hello me... to the real me and I hope you will continue to join me on this journey.

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