Style Favourite: Topshop Brushed Sweatshirt

I'm all about comfort, comfort, comfort at the moment. If it was socially acceptable for me to live in lounge wear or pyjamas I would. So when it comes to picking clothing lately that is my main focus. In my job, it's very important to dress quite causal and to be ready for anything so I've being gravitating towards jumpers as my outfit of choice. 

About two weeks ago I was out having a browse in the local shopping centre, I didn't really have any intention to buy anything nor did I have any particular shops I wanted to look in so on my wander, I thought I'd pop into Topshop just to see what they had. On my browse through the rails I came across this beauty and it was love at first touch! - seriously if you have not felt this jumper, you need to! You will thank me later... I've nicked named this my inside out jumper as the fleece is on the outside, which means I'm walking around constantly giving myself a mini hug and for £22, it's the best jumper you will ever buy! 

Since I purchased this, I don't think I've actually taken it off and if I have it's literally to wash it then it goes straight back on again! It keeps me so warm and comfortable. In fact I love it so much, I picked up the black version the other day - you can see it in my haul post here.

I just can't express my love for this jumper enough, well I could but you'd get bored so I'm gonna stop but in all seriousness, definitely check out this jumper before it sells out. Is it wrong that I'm thinking about buying a back up grey one?


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