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I'm going through a bit of a style identity crisis at the moment. I've not being buying anything new, I'm not really inspired by an pieces in the stores and as for the pieces hanging on my clothes rail.... let's not talk about it.
To be honest I've being feeling this way for the longest time and I find myself just re-wearing the same pieces over and over again. *outfit repeater alert*
I did start looking into starting a capsule wardrobe but that as really materialised so I back to the drawing board. I started looking at what I wanted from a wardrobe and how I wanted to present myself to the world through my clothes, I also found some new style inspiration which have helped me make some style changes...

No More Topshop:

I'm packing away my Topshop bag and moving on to different stores. Now that doesn't meanI'm never going to shop in stores like Topshop or H&M again. I just mean that I want to explore the different pieces other stores have to offer. I want to try COS & Uniqlo and start adding some quality to my wardrobe.

Quality over Quantity:

I suppose this goes with the above point but I want to really start looking at materials and fabrics of the pieces and start investing in my basics. Don't get me wrong I love my Topshop and Primark jeans but yearly the money I spend replacing them I could of bought a higher end pairs and not had to buy another pair again.

A Little Designer Treat:

When it comes to money, I'm all about the "to me, love me" presents and I know a lot of people are the same. We all express it in different ways whether it's the MAC lipstick you've been eyeing up or a new camera or the Gucci handbag you always wanted! There'd nothing wrong with treating yourself. My overall goal, I suppose is to save enough money to buy the Gucci espadrilles I always wanted and not really bad about it. There's nothing wrong with a designer treat.

That's it, just three easy changes which I'm hoping will get back into style and fashion and help me to fall back in love with getting dressed.

Do you have any style changes you're making this year?

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