January Goals

Hello January, the start of a new year, a blank page to set your goals for the upcoming year. If you've seen my Hello 2016 post, you will know I have set myself little goals for this year which I'm hoping I can achieve. I thought it would be nice to do little monthly goals, to see what's happening in the month and basically where I'm at.

So what's happening this month:

001: I'm not sure if I told you this but I left my full time job to become a full time child chaperone over the festive period and I'm loving it! Don't get me wrong, there are many days that I wake up not wanting to go to work or deal with the children to be honest but I would be lying if I said I didn't find it rewarding and enjoyable. I laugh everyday and do truly love my job. However the show is coming to an end pretty soon (don't worry I do have another job to go to when I'm finished) and I just can't help but think just how much I'm going to miss working with these children everyday.

002: Moving on from this job I do have another one lined up which brings me great joy but also fear. I'm going to be leaving home again for a while so I'm trying to prepare both physically and mentally. I haven't started packing, heck I have no idea what to pack. I'm excited and ready for a new adventure so we'll see where it takes me.

003: These three points have all being about me leaving, geez but to link with the rest of the points, with leaving comes leaving people behind so I'm trying my best to spend as much time with my family and friends as possible before I pack up and move out.

On a happier, less I'm leaving note - I am going to meet up with two of my favourites Brogan and Lucy for a day of shopping, food and more food. I'm so excited to see those girls, I haven't seen them in forever!

Let me know what your plans are for January.


  1. Lovely post, babe!
    It all sounds exciting. What will be your next job? Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much, unfortunately I can't say what it is but it's similar to what I'm doing now.


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