Hello 2016

Happy New Year!!!

I have to admit I'm not all that sad to see 2015 go. It's been an okay year but it could of being so much better. I'm ready to make 2016 the year I push myself out of my comfort zone. I'm actually quite lucky in the fact that I know where 2016 is taking me *job wise* so I want to put together a little post on a few other bits I would like to take shape in the New Year.

I will be the first to admit, I am the worst at sticking at anything. I always start off well but I can never seem to follow through. In 2016 I've made the conscious decision to concentrate on one social platform and with my new job I won't be able to keep my Youtube channel going so I'm throwing myself into blogging. I'm still working on my schedule but I have an idea of the content I would like to share with you, which is step one of the process right? I've got my eyes on a new camera to up my photography game and a fresh notebook for all my ideas. Watch this space!

Friends & Family
As I will be spending pretty much all of 2016 away from home I really need to make a huge effort to keep in contact with my family and friends on a regular basis. I have to admit I can be terrible with keep in contact but I think I've gonna better at it towards the end of 2015. I really have to make enough effort as I don't want to miss out just because I'm away.

Be Better With Money

Me & money have quite a slippery relationship, it comes to me and in a flash it's disappears (pretty much like me and Haribos Starmix to be honest). As I am getting older (can't believe I'm a quarter of a century in August!) it's time to tighten up my purse strings and make my money last longer. In 2016, I'm hoping to start saving for a house and to actually build some savings, you know for a rainy day. 

Organise My Life

Diaries have become my new BFF! Ever since I started my chaperone job over the festive season, I've needed my diary every minute of everyday. I seriously wouldn't know if I was coming or going without it. In 2016, I'm sticking to my diary! Don't get me wrong I'm a techie girl, I lived and die for my iPhone but there's just something about opening a diary and writing everything down. For 2016, I've pulled out the big guns and got myself the Kate Spade Organiser, let's hope it keeps my blog post schedule up to date.


  1. These are great 2016 goals and there's a few offend in here too! I definitely want to keep making my blog and channel a priority. You have an amazing blog though, so I'm sure you will achieve your goals.:D

    - www.veebzboo.com
    - www.youtube.com/veebzboo - CHATTY New Year's Eve Make-up Look

    1. Thank you very much for such a lovely comment! I hope your blog and youtube reach their goals x


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