Dear Leeds...

So this is it! I'm all packed up and I'm ready for a new adventure! I can't believe how quickly it's come round. It only seems like yesterday I handed in my notice at my old job, celebrated Christmas and rang in the New Year but here it is! Moving day!

If you followed my youtube channel over the past couple of years then you will know it's not the first time I've packed my life up into a suitcase and left home (I lived in London for about a year and a half). It's a bit of a weird feeling knowing you're leaving home for a long time - a cross between excitement, fear and sadness but mostly excitement! Don't get me wrong I never liked change and the old me would most likely be dreading this move. It's this that I held me back when living in London, I love London so much but I didn't really embrace it as much as I should have because I was scared and worried. This new job however I intend to enjoy every moment - no matter how difficult because life is meant to be full of challenges, right?

As much as I'm really looking forward to a new adventure I can't forget my home city! No matter where I move to for work or just because, Leeds has being so good to me and given me so many opportunities. So here we go...

Dear Leeds,

Here is what I'm going to miss most about you...

  • My family only being no more than 10 minutes away
  • Mentally spending all the pennies in Harvey Nichols
  • Victoria Quarter - if you've being to Leeds, you'll know why
  • Walks around the lake at Roundhay Park
  • Never being too far away from neighbouring cities - York was only 30 minutes away
  • The mix of city and countryside
  • The carnival!
  • Popping in on my friends at anytime of the day 
  • The beautiful buildings
  • Trinity
  • My car, it's trains or walking from here on out
  • The opening of the new John Lewis -fickle but true
  • The ever so reliable weather
  • The barrow man statue outside the St Johns Centre - he's a classic
  • Sunday food market on Briggate - it smells amazing and the cakes!
  • Bumping into at least one person I know on a daily basis
  • My own bed
These are just a few things I will miss about you because I could go on forever! I do know one thing, no matter where I go, move to or work. Leeds will always have a special place in my heart.


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