50 Random Facts About Me

Since I started writing this blog, I've never sat down and took the time to let you guys get to know me and for that I'm sorry. I don't know why I find it so hard to open up about myself and just be me - it's something I'm working on so please bear with. Today I want to start opening up so without further ado, hi I'm Dionne and here are 50 random facts about me:

1. I'm 24 years old and my birthday is 18th August.
2. I never knew what I wanted to do with my life and I still don't now.
3. That's okay though as I'm currently in a job that I love and find really rewarding.
4. I've being single for 7 years and I'm happy although it would be nice to have the odd boyfriend cuddle every now and again.
5. I have never broken a bone - *touch wood*
6. The closest I have come to breaking a bone was my thumb about 5 years ago. I went to go see my dad before heading back to uni and the wind was really bad. When I was getting out of the car, the car door smashed and completely shut on my thumb. It was the WORST pain ever! Literally it was only bruised not broken.
7. I went to York St John University to study Occupational Therapy.
8. I really didn't like the course so dropped out and haven't been back to uni since.
9. I have a huge irrational phobia of snakes - seriously I can't ever watch I'm a celeb without freaking out!
10. I love the theatre whether it be local or huge productions.
11. I passed my driving test after 7 attempts - don't judge me.
12. However I passed my theory first time with 48 of out 50!
13. I've never been to Spain.
14. I love to travel and would like to visit so many more places before I'm 30.
15. I currently drive an Audi A3 which I love!
16. Food is my number one love in life - I love eating out.
17. I really like having alone time.
18. I've officially become a grown up and started chatting to bank about opening an ISA to start saving for my first house *scary times*
19. I have a very unhealthy obsession with Haribo Starmix
20. I was once ID'd for putting petrol in my own car, I was 21 at the time!
21. I also have an unhealthy obsession with candles
22. The crime channel is my guilty pleasure.
23. I have a Youtube channel
24. My favourite holiday is Christmas! I'm a big gift giver
25. I get so easily distracted
26. I love to travel - I really want to book a trip for September! (watch this space)
27. If I could have any super power it would be to orb (if you were a Charmed fan, you will know)
28. My favourite TV programmes as a kid were Sabrina the teenager witch, Cardcaptors & Sailor Moon
29. I've taken part in the Leeds West Indian Carnival twice
30. I'm much more of a night in with a Pizza Hut kinda girl
31. I'm a morning person
32. My mum is my best friend
33. I love a good list! If i need to do some, be somewhere or remember something I'm on it with the lists!
34. When it comes to skincare, I'm the laziest person ever! Probably why my skin isn't that great
35. I would like to move back to London one day or maybe Manchester
36. I'm not a fan of icing but give me all the cake
37. I hated Frozen when it first came out but now I actually love it
38. Harry Potter is my favourite
39. Pretty Woman is one of my favourite films of all time and it's probably where my love crush on Richard Gere came from - yes I still love him!
40. When I was little I used to make clothes out of newspaper
41. I'm a Leo - the fire sign and I can get a right temper on me
42. I love tattoos but I'm too scared to get one as I'm always changing my mind
43. I am quite shy when I first meet people but I soon warm up
44. Orchids are my favourite flowers
45. I could eat salami on its own, day in day out!
46. I love to laugh, if you can make me laugh we can be friends
47. My cat Smudge is literally my child! I love her so much
48. I've never been one to fangirl over celebrities - well maybe if I met Beyonce I would fangirl a bit (I would cry hysterically and most likely faint)
49. Black, white and grey are my favourite colours
50. I used to stress quite a lot about things that were out of my control but now I'm just rolling with the punches

There you have it. 50 facts about me. If you have any questions please let me know below.

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