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Hello! So I've become obsessed with a new blog - Kotryna Bass,  if you haven't read her blog please go check her out.
I was reading her post on her weekly round up which has inspired me to add this little segment to my blog too, so these are my little highlights on the week.

On the Blog This Week:

1. New In| H&M Wool Blend Cape
I haven't done too many of these posts but they are my favourite posts to write. I love adding new items to my wardrobe and sharing it with you guys. I'm currently loving my cape but as the weather gets colder, I may have to put it away for the winter.

2. Pintura

I love me some tapas, I went along with my friend Rachel on Thursday and I thought I'd document our lunch - note: it was delicious.

Things I've Loved:

1. Dear 25 Year Old Me
I recently subscribed to Alice following my friend Brogan's recommendation as she uploads weekly vlogs (my latest obsession) Yesterday I was scrolling Youtube and noticed Alice had uploaded a touching look into her future.

2. Samantha Maria & Hello October

I've put a lot of my time this week into my blog, I've searched high and low for inspiration on blog design and the two I've become obsessed with are Sammi's and Suzie's. I loved their blogs and youtube channels before but there has just being something about them this week.


This was my first week off since I left my job last Friday and I have to admit it's being a bit of a weird week. I don't think I've actually explained on the blog but yeah I've handed in my notice to become a full time child chaperone in February, Don't worry I'm working as a children chaperone at one of my local theatre over Christmas until then. As I've had a lot more time this week to put into my blog, I've being loving it! I want to change the layout, I'm coming up with new content and a brand new schedule! I can definitely say leaving my job is currently one of the best things I've done! Next week it starts to get busy so wish me luck! Roll on Monday...

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