If there's two things I love to doing, it's hanging out with my girlfriends and food. When I can combine the two I'm one very happy bunny indeed.

Yesterday I took my friend Rachel to my new favourite tapas place in Leeds, Pintura. It's not just tapas, it's basque tapas which makes it even better.

We both ordered the chorizo potato cake from the special menu which were *inserts Homer Simpson drool noise here* amazing! We thought we'd play it safe and not fall into the "ordering too much because everything on the menu sounds amazing and it tapas so it's small portion" trap and just ordered a couple of things from the menu. I went for patatas bravas and morcilla (crunchy hen's egg and black pudding) whilst Rachel ordered risotto vasco. One word - delicious!

Just enough to fill us up for and afternoon of window shopping.


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