NEW IN| H&M Wool Blend Cape

These "new in" posts are fast becoming my favourite things to write. I sharing new key items I've picked up to add to my capsule wardrobe collection. This time, I managed to find the perfect cape which is going to see me through this autumn.

I'll give you the back story on how I found this little gem. I was running some errands in town and was on my way back to the car (being really good and not spending any pennies) when I walked past this lady in a gorgeous black cape which made me remember that I was looking for a black cape last year after seeing one on Gabby from Velvetgh0st. I thought I'd try my luck in H&M. What was the harm in looking. If they had one in stock, then that's brilliant but if not I haven't lose anything. Well down the escalator I went and there it was, just hanging there in all it's glory.

I tried on a couple of sizes, pranced about in front of a mirror and finally decided to take the plunge and buy it. With my bank account £50.05 lighter (The additional 5p because I'm clearly the only person in the UK that didn't know about the new 5p charge for plastic bags - I obviously haven't watched the news for month) I went home a happy little lady.

I can definitely say that since I got it, I have worn it a ton and it makes every outfit look that much cuter. It's definitely a welcomed addition to my clothes rail.

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