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I'll be the first to admit I love my own company. I'm more than happy to sit in with a glass of wine, watching  a film or youtube videos. I'm very happy being by myself but there are times when a girl just needs her friends, singing along to Disney is always better with a pair.

Don't get me wrong I have friends in Leeds but along my travels, I've had the pleasure to meet so many amazing people that I have the honour to call them my really close friends and the distance can make it difficult at times. I thought I'd share a few ways I like to keep in touch.

A little unorthodox I know but hear me out. I've met a couple of my closer friends Brogan and Lucy through Youtube and because both of them live down south I don't get to see them as much as I would like to. Earlier this year they both started weekly vlogging, sharing parts of their everyday life with their subscribers. Personally, Monday at 6pm is now my favourite time of the week because to me, I get to catch up with my friends and see what they're up to.  I get to share their highs and their lows which is amazing for me. It's impacted me so much I've also started weekly vlogging here! Monday at 6pm isn't just youtube time, it's an hour a week I get to see my friends.

Pretty standard one really but I much prefer whatsapp to texting. I love the interaction you get and group chats! Probably the best thing ever! I have far too many group chats going on my whatsapp! I don't mind though, I love it and it makes my emoji game strong!

Meet ups
I love nothing more than a good day out with my friends. If we are arranging a weekend away or a holiday or even just a day trip to spend a couple of hours together then it's worth it to me. I'm such a foodie so a good meal in a restaurant where we can just sit, chill out, chat and pig out are always the best times. If you have some free time, definitely try to meet up, that's when the best memories are made.

I know this may seem like a random post but I just wanted to share as I've really being missing my friends and feel like I need to do more to stay in touch because there is a reason why they are in my life and I want to do my best to keep them there.


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