NEW IN| Hobbs Astrid Derby

I've never been one to venture into outlet stores. I don't know why, I guess I was all about the high street and didn't really outside the box in terms of my style. This all changed when I popped along to the York Designer Outlet in March to find my nephew something for his birthday having no real expectations but when I came away with two pairs of trainers and a watch all for £40, the outlet is my new BFF!

On this particular trip, I was actually shopping for my other nephew as his birthday was just around the corner. After the success of last time, I just had to try my luck again! I had no intention of getting myself anything but in the back of my mind I was thinking about shoes for the MOBO's.

I'm still finding my style and one of the best ways to do this is to try something new and look at stores I would normally walk straight on by.

I actually have my sister to thank for these beauties, as she pointed them out to me. I love the classic style of these shoes, they are so well made and they're comfy too!

But what's the best part I hear you say, will these little beauties were reduced orginally from £159 down to £99 (the shoes had an additional 20% off too #fistpump) which took them down to around the £70 but because the right shoe had a crease, my sister somehow managed to get another 20% off! Which means I got these shoes for the grand total of £59.90! Pretty much £100 off! You can't complain about that! Got to love the outlet!

These shoes are going to last me forever and make a wonderful addition to my capsule wardrobe fam a lam!

I can't wait to show you them paired with my dress for the MOBO's (stay tuned for that)

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