How to build a capsule wardrobe?

As I mentioned in my last post I'm looking at the method used on unfancy.com but I'm twerking it to suit me a little better. I plan on getting my wardrobe down from over the top cluttered to nice, neat and compact.

My goal is to work my wardrobe down to 37 pieces which will include shoes, dresses, bottoms, tops and jackets/coats. Sound crazy? I think I do it and here's how:

It's going to hard but you're gonna have to really ruthless with this one. Clean everything out of our your wardrobe/clothes rail/chest of drawers and be honest with yourselves. Have you worn that dress since you bought? Do you really need the same coat in 10 different coats? It will hard to say goodbye to those sequin shorts you were saving for a rainy day but it's gonna go! You've gonna get down to 37 pieces! Once you've cleared the space, organise into four piles. 


The YES -  a no brainer, these items definitely need to stay. These pieces can go straight back into your wardrobe.

The MAYBE - for the items that don't quite make the cut to the YES pile but you still want to hang on it, you know for those just in case moments that might pop up. These pieces will get packed away with the seasonal bits for three months. If you've not reached for them by the end of the three months than those babies gots to go.

The SEASONAL - any pieces that isn't gonna be worn until next spring/summer or autumn/winter gets put away until it's needed. In my case, all of my summer bits, the maxi dresses, strappy tops etc have being stored under my bed until I book that holiday to the sun. There's no use those items taking up space on my rail if I'm not wearing it for another 6 months.

The CHARITY/SELL - these items are the ones you no longer want but they are still good enough to go to a new home. I've decided to put my items that I had in this section on my depop.

You may have another pile which maybe the BIN pile and those are for the clothes that have being well and truly loved but can't saved.

This 4/5 piles system can also work for your shoes and any other item you may want to include.

Now you're working with just the YES pile in your wardrobe, step back and take a look at what is missing for the season ahead. Do you have enough jumpers? What about boots? Do you have that in between weather coat? 

Make a list of the items you need (hopefully it should be one or two items) and now it's time for the fun stuff...

You don't want to go crazy, we just spent all that time getting our wardrobes under control! We're only shopping for those key items on the list remember...

Once you've picked up those items, that's it...

Purses down, no more spending for the season (3 months). The items in your wardrobe will be your new BFF for a whole season.


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