Spring Time Stroll

Easter has well and truly come to an end - no more 4 day week until May *le sigh*. Knowing that I'll sat in the office on Monday morning with an about thousand phone calls coming in, I thought I'd look back on my peaceful Bank Holiday Monday.

When the weather is good you just have to make the most of it, especially on a Bank Holiday! What better way to spend the day then walking in the woods. In convoy, we all drove to The Hollies, which apparently is one of the 13 places to visit in Leeds before you die (fun fact for you there). I have to admit, it was beautiful. To just walk and have no phones, just each other is refreshing. Watching the kids, who are obsessed with everything and anything electronic play in the stream without a care in the world was just so lovely to watch.

Any good family outing has to end with a treat and we had a coffee shaped tunnel at the end of our journey! One of my brother's friends has just opened a coffee shop not too far from The Hollies and we all stopped by for some well deserved caffeine. I'm planning on going back there soon so I'll definitely share more with you on that one.

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