Brand Focus: Giorgio Armani

If you know me, you'll know I'm not one to wear makeup a lot. In fact 9 times of out 10 I will be bare faced but I think I may have found a makeup brand that will change all that!

Giorgio Armani, if I'm honest was never a brand I thought to look at until I went shopping with my sister and a chance encounter with the stand in Harvey Nichols turned into a 4 item shopping spree! *someone please take my card away from me*

I've been using the products for quite a while now and thought it was time I put in my two cent on them.

When you're of a darker skin tone, makeup matching is not the easiest thing in the world. I'm constantly getting matched to foundations that make me look red and resemble the red brick of a house! When is that ever a good look? #thestruggleisreal or foundations are too heavy and make me feel like I want to claw my face off! I've never being truly happy in the foundation department, the closest I've come is Nars but now Luminous Silk has come into my life, it's definitely a game changer! It's weight-less, I honestly don't feel a thing when this is on my face, the colour match is great - no red brick for me and I don't get too shiny either! Winning!

Sometimes, my face can look a little dull and dark because of scarring and hyper pigmentation. I wanted something to make my skin look alive. So when the peach corrector was put in front of me to try I was really sceptical - I mean peach and dark skin! Would it really work? The answer to that is yes, yes it does. He put it under my eyes and around some of my dark patches like my mouth, blended it in and put the foundation over the top. I. WAS. AMAZED! It actually worked, my skin looked so much healthier! Since having at home, I've tried my foundation application with and without it and it's definitely 100 times nice when I apply it.

My brows are quite thick and unruly so when it comes to brow products, filling them was never at the top of my list so when the makeup artist wanted to try the black eyebrow pomade to fill my brows in, you can imagine the look of fear but actually it was quite flattening. A little does go a very long way and it actually looked natural in my brows. The brush helped out too, it was the perfect size and the fact it's a brow brush and liner in one is a completely timesaver.

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